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Changes and Cancellations

   L. Skelly Jewellery and Designs will change any order within 24 hours* of that order being placed. The possible options for changes are determined by L. Skelly Jewellery and Designs and can be found on the shop page of the particular piece. If you contact within 24 hours* of placing your order to request a change, I will happily accept your request.
If you ordered the wrong size, ring width, metal selection, stone selection or even the entirely wrong piece your order can be canceled and the correct piece ordered in its stead, as long as you contact within 24 hours* of the wrong order being placed.

Changes requested after 24 hours* of placing your order will be subject to fees at the discretion of  L. Skelly Jewellery and Designs and may prolong the time frame for your order.

For a complete cancellation of your order and a refund please email or use the contact section of this website within     24 hours* of placing your order.


*After 24 hours your order may be in production, therefore cancellations or changes to your order will be subject to fees at the discretion of  L. Skelly Jewellery and Designs.*

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