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Oxidized Sterling Silver

   Oxidized Sterling Silver or "blackened silver" is a beautiful affect that can add contrast and depth to a piece. It is accomplished though treating the sterling silver with liver of sulfur. However, this treatment can occasionally cause skin irritation in those with sensitive skin or prone to skin reactions. Therefore, L. Skelly Jewellery and Designs does not advise that those who are susceptible to skin irritations or have sensitive skin purchase pieces in oxidized sterling silver. It is ensured that all oxidized sterling silver pieces do not have any liver of sulfur treatment left where the piece primarily touches the skin, but it can not be guaranteed that a reaction will not occur due to trace levels not cleaned away, stuck in crevasses on surfaces that primarily touch the skin or by areas intentionally left treated that come in contact with the skin. For these reasons the customer is cautioned and if they follow through with the purchase of an oxidized sterling silver piece it is at their own risk.

L. Skelly Jewellery and Designs is not liable for any possible skin reaction or irritation as a result of wearing an oxidized sterling silver piece.

Do not use any polishing compounds or treatments on oxidized sterling silver pieces as it will remove the oxidization or "blackened" effect.

For any and all questions regarding the care of your oxidized sterling silver piece please do not hesitate to contact.

   Oxidization is not permanent and may fade in a piece over time through consistent wear. This is very common and unfortunately can not be avoided. However, L. Skelly Jewellery and Designs will happily re-oxidize your piece for you at any time for free. The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping (and any duty or customs applicable) when sending the piece to and from the L. Skelly Jewellery and Designs studio for the purpose of re-oxidizing. To have your piece re-oxidized please contact L. Skelly Jewellery and Designs through the contact section of this site or email 

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