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   L. Skelly Jewellery and Designs prides itself on quality. Every step, between receiving your order and packaging up your final product, is cared for meticulously and includes a final quality check before your piece leaves my studio. If for some reason a fault is missed and a repair is required within one year of purchasing your piece, please contact me through the contact section of this website or email immediately and I will gladly assess your case.


   Your piece is made with great care and delicate precision. However, to ensure its longevity it requires a level of care and compassion from you.  Jewellery is inherently delicate and not meant to withstand years of abuse or mistreatment. L. skelly Jewellery and Designs is not liable nor obligated to repair or replace pieces if misused or mistreated (as deemed by L. Skelly Jewellery and Designs), altered by the customer or a third party, lost or stolen, needing repairs one year or more past purchase, or damaged through shipping. All repairs or replacements needed due to those circumstances will be considered a new transaction, unrelated to the sale of the original piece.


All repairs and replacements are assessed on a case by case basis.


Some repairs may be subject to fees.


The customer may also be responsible for the cost of shipping (and any customs or duties applicable) when returning their piece back to L. Skelly Jewellery and Designs studio.


Ring sizing is not an exact science, as all fingers are unique and all rings fit differently. If you do not already know your ring size, to ensure you provide L. Skelly Jewellery and Designs with the correct size, it is advised that you consult a reputable jeweler in your area and have them measure your finger. In most cases this service is free. If you have any questions regarding your ring size or how the ring you wish to purchase fits, please do not hesitate to contact  L. Skelly Jewellery and Designs through the contact section of this website or email and I will be happy to help. 


Resizing is not ideal but occasionally an unfortunate reality. L. Skelly Jewellery and Designs will resize your piece for a flat rate of $75. The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping and any customs or duties applicable. L. Skelly Jewellery and Designs makes your piece in the size you provide, so be sure to provide an accurate ring size to avoid any resizing. If you have any questions regarding sizing or the fit of the piece you wish to purchase, please do not hesitate to contact

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